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Healing - Physical

The ministry of praying for the sick and tormented is not reserved for just a few anointed people; rather, it's the Lord's commission for the whole church, including you. We equip the body to pray for others and rejoice when the Lord uses different one's to bring healing to a person in need.

We offer prayer for those in need of physical healing at every service. We are encouraged by the miraculous healing power of God we regularly see at work in our services and during outreaches in the community.

Healing - Spiritual (Deliverance)

In the New Testament, we see Jesus healing the oppressed and brokenhearted so they could enter into freedom and fulfill their God-given destiny. The process of inner healing is accomplished by various prayer methods and tools that have been gleaned from recognized ministers in the inner healing field. By using these tools and following the direction of the Holy Spirit, wounds are healed, strongholds are broken, and freedom is realized.

Begin your journey back to wholeness, living a life of real freedom in Jesus Christ, and accomplish the great things God has destined for you. 

Prophetic Evangelism

Jesus, in His Great Commission, tells us to "Go" to others in order to show them His love (Matthew 28:18-20). To do this great work, God equips His people with the Gifts of the Holy Spirit. 

As we wait upon God in prayer, He reveals to us through various revelatory gifts, like the Word of Knowledge, what location we should go to (Walmart, the park, etc.). He also reveals to us various clearly identifiable characteristics of the person that God wants us to find. For example, what a person is wearing, what color their hair is, and possibly their name. It is amazing to see God supernaturally lead us to the person He wants us to bless. The Holy Spirit then uses various methods to speak to the person. Whether it's by encouraging words, prophesying God's destiny over their lives, or praying for some physical or spiritual condition. It's awe-inspiring to see a person reduced to tears of joy because they now realize God's love for them or when a lame man walks away freely after being healed from a limp. 

Come join us for an amazing time of bringing the Kingdom of God to our community. Your heart will be filled with joy when God uses you to bring salvation and healing right on the spot!

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