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Ashley H. Post
October 25, 2017
I need all the prayers I can get for my daddy right now, he is in ICU struggling to breathe on his own as he has severe COPD/Bullous emphysema & he is only 67 years old. Drs say no treatment so I am reaching out to God to please hear my cries out to him & please perform a miracle on my daddy & heal his lungs. I see miracles all over the internet & want so badly to believe they are real people with real miracle healings from terminal diseases. I beg all of f you PLEASE PRAY PLEASE HELP!! Iíve drifted from God over the past several years sadly but I hope he hears me now as I feel selfish calling upon him only when in need. But a miracle healing for my daddy would most definitely restore my faith & Iíd vow to commit to doing Gods will for the rest of my life. Iím thankful for all he has done in my life I truly am, but these past few years of life have been filled with death sorrow & sadness within my family & it puzzles me bc my mother is a very awesome loyal to God Christian woman but sheís suffered so much loss & suffering it now with me & my brother as we pray so hard for God to heal my daddy & prove all drs & MAN WRONG
Anonymous Anonymous Post
July 10, 2017
I feeling so lost and depressed. please help me, please help me with your prayers, i am so tired no matter how hard I pray nothing seems to be working, please pray for Damianus aditya christie, I have waited a reconcilitation and peace for me and him. I have been struggling with suffering for the past 3 years. if God deign, please God soften and touch damianus aditya christie heart for me. I canít touch his heart but Lord you can. I really need miracles, thank you
Anonymous Anonymous Post
June 27, 2017
heavenly father, help me, You knows my pain, You always know what was happened because You see everything a most hidden corner , I come with a broken heart, Father, You knows how long I have waited a reconcilitation and restore relations for me and him. God if you deign, please God soften and touch damianus aditya christie heart for me. I canít touch his heart, but Lord you can. please bless those who hate me, don't let their hatred on I made them proud. God you be able to do all things. you are God my Savior, and my hope is in you all day long. please make this miracle happen for me
Sophia D. Post
April 12, 2017
I am asking for prayer for my ex husband who is fighting COPD, he is filled with fear and sleeps sitting up. He needs a miracle, physically and spiritually. His name is Tom. Thank you! Sophia
Tarun M. Post
January 20, 2017
Hi my name is Tarun. Im suffering from copd(emphysema). Please pray to gracious God for my healing and well being.May the God bless me so i recuperate to see my daughter grow up.
A B. Post
June 28, 2016
For Ol who is 83. My Grandfather was in a Horrible car wreck he hit a tree at High speeds. He is currently in surgical ICU and has broken both his legs his femur,colan,intestines,ribs,knees, and possibly had a heart attack his heart stop 2 times. Please Pray That God Will Heal Him and pray for my grandmother who is in Shock! Ask everyone you know to pray. Your Brother In Christ AB
Anonymous Anonymous Post
April 21, 2016
I have been following Jesus my entire life and I am 41 years of age but my car accident happened to me when I was 19. Not because I was driving drunk, or anything I or anyone else did. It was because I passed out due to hypoglycemia and hit not a dog, not a car but a tractor trailer. Thank God I was passed out when I hit the tractor trailer because my outcome would have been a lot different. I actually died but was flown to a hospital in NJ where I was operated on the right side of my head. So you know if you know the body you are aware that the right side of your brain works the left side of your body and the left side controls the right. So I also have difficulty swallowing, walking, and moving my arms so I cannot write and that was a real difficult problem since I am a writer. I request that I receive prayers for my walking, swallowing, and writing (OT) and then my mother had injury where she is either hurt or deceased I would also like prayers for her, my mother God knows who she is. Thank you very much. Have a great day! and God Bless you ALL!!
Kevin M. Post
February 1, 2016
God bless River life worship for this great work. God I know you will heal me of c.o.p.d. if I just believe. Please help me to believe and be healed. And God bless everyone here. Enjoy your healing from God
michael m. Post
January 21, 2016
I'm saved, but I'm in pain. I have dibeaties, high blood pressure, high triglicerds, and two mental disorders. I need healing/protection
Jim H. Post
November 24, 2015
(I live here in NJ.)Was recently working in Midwest where someone made a false accusation against me, and I was dropped from the job after almost 2 weeks.

I need prayer that -
1 - GOD will neutralize this accusation and ALL of its ramifications...and that -
2 - He will cause me to receive my PAY for the work I did there SPEEDILY, as I need the money for a trip I must make soon! (One check should have ALREADY been received!)

Thank you!
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