If you are new to exploring God or just new to our church community we warmly invite you to look around at all the exciting things that are happening at RiverLife Church. Needs are being met... lives are being changed... impossibilities are becoming possible by the love and power of God.

We understand that coming into a new setting can feel uneasy at times. At RiverLife Church we understand this; as a result you will immediately feel at ease, the atmosphere is uplifting and encouraging. What you will find are real people who have been healed by a kind, merciful and loving God. We accept people for who they are, where they're at, and of a diversity of backgrounds. No matter what problems you're encountering our one desire is to see God do what he has done for so many of us... make you free to become the person you we're created to be.

We hope you will stop by at one of our life transforming meetings. We look forward to seeing your needs met and your life changed by the love and power of God!

Sunday Morning Worship Celebration 10:30 am
Monday Morning Bible Study 9:00 am (Genesis Group)
Wednesday Night Worship & Bible Study 7:00 pm
Friday Night Prayer/Intercession 7:00 pm