Healing - Physical
God has raised up his church to do the works of Jesus Christ in the power of the Holy Ghost.
In Acts 1:1 it tells us "all that Jesus began to do". This means he had just started His work on earth, leaving His church to follow in His steps until he returns. The ministry of praying for the sick and tormented is not reserved just for a few anointed people.... but rather it's the Lord's commission for the whole church. We offer personal prayer for those in need of physical healing at every service. The team is always encouraged as they regularly see the miraculous healing power of God at work.

Please click here to go to our Healing Testimonies section and read the stories of changed lives.

Healing - Spiritual (Deliverance)
In the process of healing, trauma and emotional hurts/wounds may prove to be a factor in delaying healing. Various prayer tools, models and techniques are used which have been gleaned from recognized ministers in the inner healing field. By using these tools and following the Holy Spirit, wounds are healed, strongholds broken, and the truth is revealed.

You can begin your journey back to wholeness, living a life of real freedom in Jesus Christ... because you were created to live whole and free experiencing the rich presense of God in your life!
Intercessory Prayer Team
Much happens when united prayer is offered up on the behalf of others. God's presence is released, strategies are given and breakthrough comes. If you have a heart to pray for the needs of others, please let us know.

Flea Market Ministry
After the Sunday Morning service we set up a tent at a local flea market. Then we simply wait for the Father to show us what to do... whether it is to pray for a sick or lame person, bring deliverance to a soul or offer encouraging words through the leading of the Holy Spirit. We are always amazed and thankful to see how God shows up... healing various conditions right on the street! It's an awesome time of bringing the Kingdom of God to our community.

Homeless Outreach
We also conduct outreaches to the less fortunate in town. Going where the Father leads... to parks, street corners, under bridges, woods... bringing the good news of healing and forgiveness. Many people who have been homeless for years have been set free from sin, bondage and sickness. Many have received jobs and now are a productive member of the community... all through the love and power of God.

Compassionate Care Ministries
Compassionate Care Ministries is a 501c3 ministry. It is our goal in the near future to provide essential services in the form of Emergency Food Distribution (Pantry) program, which primarily provides food to people in a Hunger Crisis, people who need short term and emergency assistance.

It is our goal to not only alleviate hunger to people in need, but also to address their spirtual needs. Our vision is to set up a "Life Transforming Center" where step by step we help people gain greater wholeness and freedom through inner healing and deliverance.