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lisa p. Post
March 25, 2012
The thief comes to steal, kill and destroy. I believe the enemy, Satan has entered my home and has taken my prodigal husband captive. I pray that the Holy Spirit will speak godly sorrow into my prodigal husband's heart that will lead to repentence and the acceptance to Jesus as his Lord and Savior.
Please pray for the Lord's devine intervention in the spiritual realm for the restoration of my marriage and family. God Bless You. Amen
Debbie P. Post
March 22, 2012
Asking prayer for my youngest son, Nick. He is having some health problems and I am asking for healing, wisdom, guidance and peace for him. I pray for the Holy Spirit to touch him and to bring him into the light, My heart has been so sad worrying because he won't open up and tell me much.
Anonymous Anonymous Post
March 15, 2012
Hi. My name is Christine and I am a believer. I feel very low and sad all the time..and this has persisted over too long a time now. I really do not have any idea why I feel this way; but it is adversely affecting my relationships..and my feelings towards myself. PLEASE PRAY FOR ME, A STRANGER, THAT THIS HEAVY WEIGHT BE LIFTED OFF ME BY JESUS' ENDLESS MERCIES. Thank you!
Nedg J. Post
March 10, 2012
praying for a good paying, and nice environment job that's going to work with my availability. And also for God to continue to work on restoring my marriage.
Anonymous Anonymous Post
March 7, 2012
lord jesus I ask you to bless the woman u chose for me to proclaim your name in the covenant of your marriage.Lord open the heart of this woman so she surrenders to u and proclaims your victory,savio
Anonymous Anonymous Post
March 2, 2012
Please pray that my wife Judy will stop drinking alcoholic beverages and that she will be filled with God's holy spirit until it over flows. That we will find good bible believing christian friends to come into our lives and be close friends to us.
Patricia D. Post
February 27, 2012
Please pray for my daughter, she has autism and hasn't a word she she was born. she also have obsessive compulsive behavior.
Anonymous Anonymous Post
February 13, 2012
My grandmother had a stroke and isn't doing so well!!! Please pray for a full recovery and that shes not in pain or afraid!!! Thank you
Anonymous Anonymous Post
February 8, 2012
My family is breaking apart and really negative things are coming out. I ask that you please pray for my family's unity once again. Also I am in need of a job asap. Kindly keep me in your prayers. Thank you and God bless
Anonymous Anonymous Post
February 7, 2012
please pray for my wife.two years ago she had a severe stroke and her left side is very weak. she can walk a little with a cane and cannot move her left arm or hand and has a lot of pain.please pray for her to be healed

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