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Daniel C. Post
September 20, 2012
Hi my brothers and sisters asking special prayer for GODS strength and provision homeless at 66 for the last 4 years i have lost so much weight and feel so weak i am not sure i will survive the winter so that is why i desperately covet your prayers.GOD richly bless you brother Danny 9/20/12
Letty Eapen M. Post
August 22, 2012
Please pray for peace in my parents life that there be no quarreling between them. Please pray for my sister and her family life for peace in their family . Always there are people who are interferring in our family matters. Please pray for God Jesus to deliver from us the evil one.Please pray for us.
With prayers,
In Christ,

sony m. Post
July 27, 2012
pls pls keep my husband vinod in your continous prayers. his bail hearing is on monday. pls pls pray that he gets bail on monday.pls pray that our good lord has mercy on us. i am very very stressed.
Debbie P. Post
June 7, 2012
I need a miracle for my Dad, Monroe who has recently had a stroke. The stroke has brought down his heart and kidneys. Yesterday we were told he has pneumonia. Please pray with me God will touch him and he will slowly regain his strenght so he can come home. I'm a believer and I know what God can do and the power of prayer if only we believe and it's in God's will.
Anonymous Anonymous Post
May 12, 2012
Please Lord please clear up my heart and other medical conditions. Help keep me on the road to recovery.
Susan R. Post
April 22, 2012
Please pray for healing of my lower back and the pain down my right leg, I have been in pain for 2 months. I know Jesus can heal me and I believe He will. Thank you for your prayers.
Anonymous Anonymous Post
April 12, 2012
I have been dealing with psoriasis with many years on and off. I was cleared for a few years and then relapsed. Please pray for me as I would like to be completely healed.
Sonia C. Post
April 5, 2012
Prayer request for Intercessory prayer group-Please pray for deliverance from oppression, for my marriage, not to (separate or getting divorce), for marriage and family restoration, in all areas, peace, time to do the will of God and take care of myself and my family, to be able to fast, pray, read the Bible, peace. Indubitable direction to find a business that doesn’t interfere with serving the Lord. For the salvation of my husband and son. For all of us, to know the Lord and direction to find a Church, and open doors for us, to serve the Lord. For his presence, faith, knowledge, wisdom, protection, divine health, the solution for financial freedom. For everything in our life, the message, preaching, not to be with wise and persuasive words, but with demonstration of the Spirit’s power. Grace and peace to you! Thank you,

Anonymous Anonymous Post
April 5, 2012
The Love Of My Life just heard news that a Spot was discovered on her Brothers Lung. Though Test's are pending, anxiety and worry are very High. I pray that he and his family be remembered in Prayer for support. Thank You and God Bless Everyone.
Anonymous Anonymous Post
April 4, 2012
Hi my name is carol I'm presently overwhelmed with life. I'm missing my deceased parents & my estranged brother & his family. My finances are terrible i want to stop smoking. I need to sell my parents home tokeep from goinginto forclosure whereI live.I'm a daily communicant which is the only thing that'mkeeps me going. I'm divorced w/ 2 sons. im also struggling to keep my youngest in college but he needs to go where he is because he is a special needs student. I know that God is able. I just don't want to give up because I feel like I'm being attacked from all angles.Please pray that I don't fail God inmy weakened condition. I want to continue believing that good things do come out ofbad.Thank you for being there for me. Love you!!!!

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