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Jerome P. Post
November 21, 2014
To Brothers & Sisters in Christ,

Please pray 1st Healing of my Left side of my face from my Jaw Bone to up to my head /brain areas Lord Jesus Christ Heal me Totally from Crown of my Head to Soul of My foots 1st Peter 2nd Chapter 24 verse 2nd someway some how that Financial Miracle money will come to Linda & me from GOD. I'd badly need a financial blessing right now. My wife Linda need her car fix as well as mine car too. Thanks Brother Jerome Pierce
Anonymous Anonymous Post
November 13, 2014
pray for my dad he has copd and very depressed and anxiety ...i need a miracle
Joyce S. Post
April 29, 2014
please pray for Bill as his c o p d worsens give him the incentive to get off of the chair .God bless and thank you
pauly j. Post
April 8, 2014
Please Please my fellow Brothers and Sisters!!! I'm in desperate need of your Prayers! I am so addicted to Cigarettes it's unbelievable I just cannot stop on my own! I can feel my Heart giving me sharp,Stabbing Warning almost every day now.I got so scared about 20 minutes ego there was a very sharp squeezing sensation in My Heart this was by far the wort shock! Please Help me I am 46 yrs old my little Boy is 9 and I love him so much I do want to see the little guy grow up!And he has learning difficulties and he\s bullied in school! My heart breaking to think of my little "Punkin" lose me coz we have an awesome close relationship.He's very insecure he was born a Crack baby coz of his Mother!!! I am basically the only one he have to do anything for him! Seriously I would gladly give my Liver Heart Kidneys (MY LIFE FOR HIM)So I really have to stay around bit more to look after my little "Lamb" We live in Northern British Columbia Just Call me Paul!!!Thank You very very much Love you all! Please Please Pray for me to help me stop smoking Cigarettes! Thank You all!
Joyce S. Post
April 5, 2014
my husband has c o p d is on oxygen 24 -7 he is very depressed sits in a chair all day goes nowhere does nothing .Please pray for a healing
john m. Post
February 26, 2014
I have emphesema and have now been placed on oxygen I need a miracle
vanaja b. Post
February 3, 2014
i am troubling with evilspirit , feeling moving in my body .pray for complete deliverence. am fasting and praying for deliverence by almighty GOD
Anonymous Anonymous Post
October 7, 2013
my dear husband has been diagnosed with pulmonary embolism and COPD. He is now unable to work and is depressed at home. we have a lovely 12 year old daughter. I am praying for his complete healing in Jesus's wonderful name. I also pray for all the wonderful people who have posted on this board. May our wonderful God hear our prayers. Love and blessings
Armetta M. Post
September 25, 2013
I am in need of prayer i was diagnosed with Copd(emphysema) i quit smoking i want to see my 13-year old son grow up. I am truly scared! Help me Jesus please forgive me for my sins i committed.
s ravi k. Post
August 30, 2013
My name is : s ravi kumar. I am from India. I have no job. I completed my diploma mechanical engineering and please pray for me Sir. i searching for job. ... Please pray for me . Please help me.... Amen

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