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Krystyna G. Post
November 2, 2015
Please pray for our son Daniel spiritual healing and God’s Grace to repentance. Our son was diagnosed with schizophrenia after dabbling in occult. He develop narcissistic personality also. Thank you. May God bless your ministry abundantly.
In Christ love
Mother Krystyna
Anonymous Anonymous Post
October 11, 2015
Please pray for my husband. He has had shingles of the eye for over a month and it is very painful. He also has reduced kidney function found since the diagnosis of shingles. He is getting depressed and having a rough time. I am feeling like God has abandoned us. Please pray for him. Your prayers have been so helpful in the past. Thank you.
Sharonda B. Post
September 26, 2015
My name is Sharonda, medically I have been diagnosed with fibroids, and borderline diabetic. bleeding heavy every month, my weight is usually 120 it drops every month. I Have to make sure I eat a lot to keep me active.
Carla J. Post
September 20, 2015
I am selling my home in Springfield, NJ, I need prayer for a seamless transaction and pray that our LORD Jesus Christ will provide me with a new dwelling in Rockland County, NY where I am comfortable and able to serve our LORD JESUS CHRIST.. Amen.. Thank you I really need this pray er answered
Anonymous Anonymous Post
April 10, 2015
For my son to be delivered from the demon of alcohol and for his healing of diabetes and that his tests will show no blockage of the arteries and that his heart stent is still good. Help and salvation...
Anonymous Anonymous Post
March 25, 2015

Please pray for me. I am on the verge of hitting depression, I've been out of a job for over 3 months now, lots of temptations coming in to do the wrong things, even committed some sins. I asked God for forgiveness and requested him to grant me a job soon. It is hurting my mind and draining the life out of me.. Its also affecting my family as I loose my mind and temper for no reason... Please pray for me.. Thank You all...
Anonymous Anonymous Post
March 13, 2015
I'd tremendously appreciate prayer for healing of my hips and right knee. I have chronic pain in all three joints. I'm a 27 year old pediatric nurse and the constant pain has made it difficult to work and has me depressed and fearful of my future. Thank you so much. -Kristin
Anonymous Anonymous Post
February 5, 2015
please pray for my wife she's in so much pain after her surgeryit seems like everything they're giving her nothing stop him
Jeanette T. Post
January 16, 2015
My muscles & arches in my feet have collapsed. I walk with instability, pain & tireness. Please prayer for the restoration of my muscles & arches. Thank you & God bless.
Larnice P. Post
December 14, 2014
Hello, my name is nicey...I'm asking in the name of jesus, if you would please... pray for me..I'm in such a hollow place right now due to decisions I've been making that dont involve self growth...please I ask for prayer in STRENGTH...AND WEALTH....I NEED A JOB NOW..IHAVE MO INCOME!!! I'M SCARED...NEED EMPLOYMENT. PLEASE PRAY FOR ME. THANK YOU

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